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And help keep top allergens out of the classroom

We’re on a mission to create safer school communities

For kids with allergies, school can present a very real threat. If your child has allergies, then you know all too well.

We believe children with allergies need safe foods to enjoy, and they also they deserve a safe school environment that makes them feel included.

Here at Angelic we are committed to improving this education, and are working in partnership with the Allergy Badge to offer training to as many school staff and parents all over the country. Whether you’re a teacher wanting to learn more about allergies, or a parent sending your child to school, we’d love for you to join us for our next session.

Our next training session: Wednesday 8th May - 7:30-8:30pm

Sign up to our FREE Allergy Awareness and auto-injector training programme for primary schools

The Training

The training program is completely free, and offers the following:

  1. Helps to educate primary school staff on how to recognise the symptoms of an allergic reaction
  2. Explains how to use an auto-injector
  3. Explains how to put processes in place to keep children with allergies safe
  4. Explores way in which you can support the mental health and wellbeing of those living with food allergies
  5. Discover ways to create a more inclusive school environment

Training FAQs

Will this training program provide me with an accredited certificate?

Our training program has been designed to help raise and improve allergy awareness within the school environment, and will not offer an accredited training certificate.

What can I expect to learn on the training program?

We will cover a number of areas including how to identify and respond to anaphylaxis, tips for the lunch hall and school trips, among many other useful topics.

How long does the training program last?

The training program will last for approximately 1 hour.

What will happen during the training program?  

The training program will be led by Natalie from the Allergy Badge, who will present a tailored program. This session will not be interactive, and we ask all participants to mute their microphones during the training session.

If I have follow up questions, who do I direct these to?  

We hope that the course will provide you with plenty of information, however if you have any follow up questions you can send these to: info@angelicglutenfree.co.uk

What happens if I loose my connection through the training program?

In the event that you loose your connection during the video call, we can provide you with an invite to our next available session.

Help spread the word about allergies in school

Unless you live with allergies, it can be hard to understand how challenging it is to navigate situations where food is being served, or people are bringing allergens into an environment.

Too often we hear of times when allergy-kids have been put at risk when other children, and even teachers, have opened packets of nuts or other triggers in close proximity – even in schools with allergy policies.

Our Think Food: Think Allergy awareness pack is packed full of helpful information and games to help spread the word.

Nut Free Classroom

Help to keep your child’s classrooms safe by sharing this poster. If your child’s school has a Nut Free Policy, it’s a great way of reminding others in the classroom.

We’re all in this together

Rachel and Kids

“My son, Jake, is allergic to peanuts, which makes finding snacks he can eat very difficult.

Every time he leaves the house to go to school I start to worry. I work closely with his school and talk to other parents to make sure that Jake doesn’t come into contact with nuts.

As one of Angelic’s “Guardian Angels” I’m helping to spread the word about allergies at school, creating safe school communities.

We’re all in this together.”

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