We’re Top 14 Allergen Safe

Iife can be tough when you or your loved ones suffer from a nut allergy, and that’s why we’ve created our Top 14 Allergen Safe ranges. We go to extraordinary lengths to make sure that our products are safe for those people with a nut allergy.

We understand that the smallest trace of nut contamination can have a detrimental effect on allergy sufferers, and that’s why we’ve built a set of processes and controls to ensure that our biscuits are the safest on the market, and safer than making in your own kitchen.

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Our Bakery is a Dedicated Top 14 Allergen Safe Site

Our bakery is a dedicated allergen safe site which operates strict allergen controls. We will never handle any ingredients that contain nuts. It’s not just our recipes that are nut free, our staff, visitors and suppliers are not permitted to bring nuts onto our manufacturing site. Making us Top 14 Allergen Safe.

We Check all Ingredients in our Supply Chain

The specifications of all ingredients handled in our bakery are examined to ensure that they haven’t come into contact with nuts. We only source ingredients that have been handled and prepared in a nut safe environment. There are no guarantees in life, and we cannot make an absolute guarantee, however we can assure you that we take every possible step to ensure that our Top 14 allergen Safe products are the safest on the market.

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Is our Nut Safe Promise stronger than a ‘May Contain’ statement?

Absolutely. We go to extraordinary lengths to check every ingredient held on site to ensure that it’s not come into contact with nuts. Our stringent procedures and controls set us apart from other biscuit manufacturers, making our products the safest in the biscuit aisle. The Angelic Nut Safe Promise allows you to buy a much safer product because of the measures we have undertaken in our bakery. We hope that you, or the child our products are intended for, enjoy our Top 14 Allergen Safe cookies and biscuits and feel safe.

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