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The Best Vegan Nut Free Chocolate Chip Cookies

Hi there, Kirsty here from Angelic

How are you doing? Are you enjoying the summer weather? Isn’t it lovely to spend more time outdoors again and start planning some picnics and barbecues with family and friends. Who doesn’t love a good barbie?

Let me ask you something … do you ever find yourself searching for delicious allergen free and vegan cookies? Only to discover everything contains nut? Not just for your family, but for guests too?

So many vegan cookies are made with nuts! And for those living with nut allergies, there’s little choice!

This causes real restrictions when shopping for your favourite snacks.

For those who suffer from a nut allergy, how many times have you read those dreaded words ‘May contain’ and had to put the cookies back down?

It can be exhausting searching for nut free snacks. I have many friends who have children that are allergic to nuts, and they find it a real struggle to find nut free treats.

Here at Angelic, we’ve made it our mission to make delicious allergen free cookies that everyone can enjoy.

Our vegan nut free cookies are perfect for those who are looking for a nut safe and allergy free choice.

1. Communication is key - be great at it!

Kirsty allergy safe party food

When hosting a birthday party, ask the parents of children if there are any food allergies you should be aware of.

Ask in person, send an email, or mark it on the invitation if any children have food allergies.

Don’t be complacent, and work with the child’s parent to come up with a plan for serving allergy safe party food.

If you’re the host and a party guest has a food allergy, clearly state those allergies in the invitation or reminder.

Politely ask other guests not to bring foods that might contain allergens. Let other parents know to ensure that everyone understands the risks of allergens being present.


Since launching our nut free chocolate chip cookie ranges back in 2021, we’ve had so many happy customers reaching out to tell us how much they love our allergen free cookies.

For me, this is one of the best things about making our nut free cookies, they truly make life easier for those living with nut allergies.

Did you know that 2% of children in the U.K. live with a peanut allergy.


For so many families, finding nut free snacks is a real challenge, and our vegan chocolate chip nut free cookies help so many families to live worry free.

We know how much you care about the food you purchase, and that’s why we’ve created


Every single Angelic product is made in a dedicated allergen-free bakery, and is free from nuts. We carefully check every single ingredient in our supply chain.

That way, we can ensure that all elements of each biscuit and cookie is allergen free and suitable for those living with nut allergies.

But we don’t just stop there! Oh no, ready to get your socks blown off?!? 😮😮😮

Our vegan nut-free chocolate chip cookies are also free from dairy, soya, eggs and gluten!

We don’t handle any of the top 14 allergens in our bakery, so you can trust that our chocolate chip nut free cookies are also free from major allergens.

Our vegan nut free chocolate chip cookies are a classic choice. However our most popular vegan nut free cookies are our Double Chocolate variety. Packed with vegan chocolate chips, these are super scrumptious, and my personal favourite!

Tasty Recipe Tip

The vegan nut free chocolate chip cookies are especially tasty, sandwiched with vegan ganache and dipped in melted vegan chocolate (super yummy!!)

Latest Reviews

Here’s what some of our customer have to say about our vegan nut free cookies, check out their reviews

Delicious, thrilled to find cookies that we can all enjoy as a family together


They are delicious and get a big 5 star from us


These are a game changer, I’ve finally found nut free chocolate cookies that I can trust to be safe

Christine M

Top 3 Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies

All of our products are safe for those who suffer from any of the top 14 food allergens. This means our products are dairy free, nut free, gluten free, soya free, egg free and more, with zero “may contains.”

While our products are not designed for babies or for the weaning period, we do offer delicious products for children as they grow. 

Our allergen-free Chocolate Chip Cookies, allergen-free Ginger and Choc Chip Cookies and allergen-free Double Choc Chip Cookies make some absolutely delicious school safe snacks. 

With that in mind, our three best sellers are:

Over to You!

I’d love to hear from you, let me know if you’ve tried or have any questions about our allergen-free chocolate chip cookie range.

You’ll see on each individual page a whole breakdown of the all important ingredients, allergy information and nutritional information.

I want to personally assure you, as a fellow parent of a child with allergies, that all of our products are safetylicious!

4. Make sure you have a Special Allergen Free Treat

Angelic allergy safe party food

For kids with multiple food allergies, it can be even more challenging to make sure all foods at a party are safe.

If your child is attending a party, it’s definitely a good idea to have your child bring his or her own treat so that they can still enjoy the celebrations.

If you’re the host, go that extra mile and make sure you have allergen free treats suitable for kids with allergies.

It will mean the whole world to their parents; you really will fill their hearts with joy!

Our Angelic Chocolate Chip cookies are the perfect treat for parties, kids love them, and they are the perfect allergy safe party food!

Fancy a Safetylicious Chocolatey Bumper Pack of Allergy-Free Treats? As an Allergy Mum, You SOOO Deserve it!

SAVE £3.10 when buying our cookie bundle. Contains 6 boxes of cookies, each box is priced at £2.08 (RRP £2.60). Cannot be purchased in conjunction with an offer or discount code.

This is the perfect mix of allergen free chocolate cookies to brighten up anyone’s day!

Featuring a selection of our cookies, all made with delicious ethically sourced chocolate chips, and of course…every product is Top 14 Allergen Safe.

What’s included:

The chocolate chips in our allergen free chocolate cookies are made using 100% renewable energy, and are certified by the Rainforest Alliance.