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My son has had his food allergies since before his first birthday, and I often wonder will he outgrow them? He’s starting to become assertive about the food he wants, and doesn’t understand that he can’t have certain foods. He see’s others with food that he wants, and it often results in meltdown when we say “no no no”. It can be tough, and I keep hoping that he’ll outgrow them soon.

Not only does he face food restrictions, there’s the emotional aspect where at times, he just doesn’t understand why he is being excluded. Does anyone else feel this way? Or has your child outgrown an allergy?

The most common food allergies affecting young children are dairy, eggs and nuts. Whilst these are the most common food allergies, there are a number of different foods that children can be allergic to. We’ve been looking into research, and summarised some of the main findings below:

It’s important to remain mindful that children can grow out of allergies, but you should always seek support from an allergy specialist and take the right course of action with allergy testing and follow up results.

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