Living with Food Allergies & Vegan Food

I’m sure many of you would agree that the rise of vegan foods have given us more choice with our food, however there’s also a very serious consideration- is vegan food safe for those living with allergies? Our delicious allergen free snacks are suitable for both those living with food allergies and vegans, however we hear so many friends in the allergen community express worry between the rise of veganism and the misconceptions that vegan food is safe for those living with food allergies.

If you have life threatening allergies to foods like eggs or milk, the rise in veganism should be a good thing.  The increase in vegan options should make things easier, however sadly this is not always the case.

When reading the back of pack for many vegan products, they often come with a ‘May Contain’ warning. The setting in which many vegan products are produced in are likely to contain allergens, presenting a risk.

So many products these days comes with a ‘suitable for vegans’ statement, however take caution, as these products may not be appropriate for certain allergic consumers due to unintentional cross-contact with allergenic ingredients of animal origin. Being vegan does not guarantee ‘free-from’ allergens like milk, eggs, fish etc. Allergic consumers should only ever trust claims such as allergen free or milk free.   

If an allergic consumer consumed a ‘May Contain’, they could potentially be at risk of anaphylaxis, and when shopping it’s so important to check that products labelled vegan are allergen safe.

We hear so many of you sharing your frustrations when vegan products come with a ‘may contain’ labelling, leading you to question- are these products safe for me or my family?

When shopping for my son who has a dairy and soya allergy, I’m often overwhelmed by the number of products that come with a ‘May Contain’ milk or soya warning, it very often seems to be on most products these days.

The Importance of Raising Awareness

It’s so important for people to understand the difference between vegan food and allergen free food, as when confused, it can potentially lead to life threatening consequences. Ahead of Allergy Awareness month, we want to raise this issue and understand what your experiences are of both vegan and allergen free foods? Do you feel you have more choice, or does the increasing message of ‘May Contain’ concern you?

People often seem shocked or surprised to know that there is such a high risk from vegan products for the allergic consumer. The allergen community has to work together to get this message out and raise awareness.

Here at Angelic we go above and beyond to make sure all our products are allergen free. We make our products in a dedicated allergen safe bakery, and proudly don’t handle any of the Top 14 Allergens. Our safetylicious snacks are:

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