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An Allergy Free Business Dream Comes True


From this month our full range of Top 14 Allergen Safe ranges will be available in up to 750 Holland & Barrett stores throughout the UK! Our allergy free business keeps going from strength to strength

I just can’t believe it! It’s an absolute dream come true!

It’s taken a long time slogging away to grow an allergy free business.

But for anyone aspiring to set up in the allergen safe sector, I have to say that despite all the hard work, it’s worth it in the end.

But it wasn’t always so easy.

1. Communication is key - be great at it!

Kirsty allergy safe party food

When hosting a birthday party, ask the parents of children if there are any food allergies you should be aware of.

Ask in person, send an email, or mark it on the invitation if any children have food allergies.

Don’t be complacent, and work with the child’s parent to come up with a plan for serving allergy safe party food.

If you’re the host and a party guest has a food allergy, clearly state those allergies in the invitation or reminder.

Politely ask other guests not to bring foods that might contain allergens. Let other parents know to ensure that everyone understands the risks of allergens being present.

How it All Began

Back in February 2012, I received 10,000 units of cookie packaging delivered to my parents garage.

I recall my parents asking me – what is all this and how are you going to sell all of these? (My poor poor parents!)

I started unloading the boxes, and really believed that I would sell them all.

And the funny thing is, we did!

That was where Angelic started. On my parents’ kitchen table. Me baking cookies all day.

I even burnt through a couple of ovens in the process!

I’d read stories of stylish launch parties and press releases from other startups. But this was not the case for Angelic.

It was hard grafting with my cookie making machine day and night. I tried day and night to get the best tasting ingredients while keeping everything 100% safe for people with allergies.

Before the packaging arrived, I researched all the stores that I was going to try and sell my cookies to, and got in my car and started selling to local farm shops and delis.

Fail, Fail and Try Again

I remember going into my local Holland & Barrett store and asking the store manager whether he’d be interested in stocking our cookies.

I quickly realised I would need to do much more than simply knock on the shop door!

Over the course of the year, we sold over 10,000 boxes, and were listed with some national wholesalers.

I would spend my weekends travelling to stores and sampling to customers, and Angelic the allergy free biscuit business kept growing.

Starting with a Mission in Mind

For me, Angelic Free From cookies and biscuits isn’t just a business venture, it’s a mission.

I started this allergy free business because I suffered from food intolerances, and when I discovered that my son, LIKE 2 CHILDREN IN EVERY CLASS in the U.K. has food allergies, I wanted to make a difference.

Here at Angelic HQ, our vision is a world where food allergies and intolerances are taken seriously in schools and society, so those affected are understood, catered for and protected, without bias or judgement.

Success at Last!

I presented our new Top 14 Allergen Safe ranges to the Holland & Barrett buyer back in 2021, and I still recall the day she called me to say that our ranges were being rolled out in up to 750 stores nationwide.

I was ecstatic, and it was definitely one of my most exciting days in business.

It really means a lot when you find a buyer who understands your product, and mission as a brand.

When they see what you’re trying to achieve, and support you, it really means so much.

I feel really lucky to have been given this opportunity.

Living the Allergy Free Dream!

To see Angelic grow from an idea to a nationally distributed brand is a dream come true.

I hope it will also show anyone with an idea or a passion that with hard work, determination, a bit luck, and a whole lot of supporters, anything is possible.

Next time you visit Holland & Barrett or shop online, look out for our #Safetylicious cookies.

If you find us at Holland & Barrett, drop us a note on Facebook or tag us on Instagram.

Help us spread the word about our safe and inclusive cookies that everyone can enjoy!

4. Make sure you have a Special Allergen Free Treat

Angelic allergy safe party food

For kids with multiple food allergies, it can be even more challenging to make sure all foods at a party are safe.

If your child is attending a party, it’s definitely a good idea to have your child bring his or her own treat so that they can still enjoy the celebrations.

If you’re the host, go that extra mile and make sure you have allergen free treats suitable for kids with allergies.

It will mean the whole world to their parents; you really will fill their hearts with joy!

Our Angelic Chocolate Chip cookies are the perfect treat for parties, kids love them, and they are the perfect allergy safe party food!

Fancy an Allergy Free Treat?

Stack up your cupboards with these delicious allergen free Savoury Biscuits!

Featuring a mix of our savoury biscuits, you’ll have plenty of choice when looking for a nibble to dip in a big bowl of hummus, or top with your favourite vegan cheese!

What’s more… all our savouries are Top 14 Allergen Safe.

What’s included:

SAVE £3.20 when buying our savoury bundle. Contains 6 boxes of cookies, each box is priced at £2.41 (RRP £2.95). Cannot be purchased in conjunction with an offer or discount code.

Over to You

Have you always wanted to start a business?

What type of business?

If there’s enough interest, maybe I’ll do a post with a whole heap of pointers to help you along the way.

Just drop a message in the comment section below