Our Story

Angelic started back in 2012, after founder Kirsty discovered she had food intolerances and set out on a mission to create great tasting treats that everyone would love.

I was frustrated by the lack of tasty products in the snack aisle, and set out to create a range of delicious vegan and gluten free cookies that everyone could enjoy. Our journey started on the kitchen table where we baked all day long and started selling our products throughout the U.K!

Since then, I now have two children, one of which suffers from a dairy and soya allergy. I’ve discovered that finding suitable products which cater for multiple allergies can be a real challenge, and life can be quite restricted. Very often you think you’ve found a suitable product, and then turn the pack to discover an ingredient or a ‘May contain’ claim which puts you back to square one.

As a mother providing for multiple allergies, I’ve also realised that when people face restricted food choices, it can have a significant impact on the overall well-being of the individual and their families. My daughter attends a nut free school, and many of my friends have children who suffer from allergies, including nuts. I often hear them express the worry that they constantly live with, and what should be happy experiences such as going to parties or playing in the school playground, can be shadowed by a great deal of anxiety. We understand how this feels, and want to make a positive difference in society by raising allergy awareness in the community, and making food choices more inclusive.

Kirsty x

We’re on a mission to make snacking inclusive!

Angelic is for everyone to enjoy, so if you have allergies or if you’re vegan, we have a delicious range of products for you to choose from. So many food products come with a ‘May Contain’ warning. We feel your pain allergy sufferers, and have made it our mission to make great tasting snacking inclusive for everyone.

We’re breaking the ‘May Contain’ barrier

We know that life can be tough for those living with allergies, and have gone to extraordinary lengths to ensure that our products are Top 14 Allergen Safe. Nut allergy sufferers are one of the biggest groups who are excluded from food choices, and we’re putting that right by making our products nut safe.

We’re Plant Based and Doing our Bit for the Planet

We believe that we all have a part to play in protecting our environment and the cumulative impact of all our efforts, no matter how small, will make a positive difference to the world we live in. Being mindful of our environmental impact and reducing what we use are just some of the ways we’re working towards protecting our planet.